Vaginal Insemination

In the vaginal fertilization, the semen is deposited directly in the vagina. The fertilization is made with a probe and a disposable syringe, through which passes the semen. The semen will be deposited near the cervix, then must cross it to reach the uterus where the fertilization will happen. For the vaginal fertilization is recommended fresh semen which was extracted from male exemplar a few minutes before the fertilization, rather than frozen or chilled semen. °Conception rate: over 50% with fresh semen.  

Intracervical insemination

In the intracervical insemination, the semen is directly deposited inside the cervical canal through a very thin cannula. This monitored, minimally invasive and painless technique greatly increases the chances that the semen can pass across the uterus. ° Conception rate: 70%.  

Surgical fertilization

In the surgical fertilization, the semen is deposited directly in the uterus thanks to a little surgery which involves a small surgical incision with subsequent exteriorization of the uterine tubes. ° Conception rate: 90%.  

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