Sperm bank:

Genimal is available to guard the semen, the clinic preserves semen samples by freezing it.

The donor dog’s seminal material will be analyzed for checkup the quality and the fertility before the preservation.

Chilled Semen (+4°): 

The chilled semen is kept at +4°/+5°C temperature and its preservation in this condition is between 5-7 days.

So, the semen must be prepared in the days when the female dog is near to the period of maximum fertility. For this reason, semen’s chilling is recommended when the delivery time doesn't go over 2-3 days from the shipping.

Why use chilled semen?

-For short-medium distance shipping.

-To keep the semen useful (vital) for 36-48 hours.

-To not to move female dog on heath (so, for reduce stress and travel costs) 

-To prevent most venereal diseases.

-To choose stallions who live far away.

Frozen semen (-196°C):

The freezing modality guarantees semen’s conservation for unlimited periods.

At the end of freezing, the semen is kept in liquid nitrogen at temperature of -196°C, which ensures it an undefined surviving period. So, the semen’s freezing is recommended when shipping time is very long or to preserve high genetics’ material.

Why to use frozen semen?

-For long shipping.

-To keep semen vital for a long time.

-To not to move female dogs on heath (so, to reduce stress and travel costs).

-To preserve high genetics’ material.

-To choose stallions who live far.

Import Export:

The opportunity to transfer seminal material in foreign countries without move the dog, reduces sanitary risks related to stress (stressed dogs don’t guarantee a quality semen and in female dogs the stress can favour a heath block). Anyway, the trip could be stressful for the owners too. 

Frozen semen can be shipped in Italy or aboard, by using dry shipper (containers for cryogenic transport in liquid nitrogen vapour), respecting ITAIA’s laws, accompanied by the necessary travel documentation. 

Genimal will provide for all the licences linked at the frozen semen’s exportation and the importation, also in the countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China (ho omesso Asia perchè non è un paese,dovrebbe essere modificato anche l’italiano) where the bureaucratic red tape is more complicated. 

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