Genimal has an internal laboratory which can provide various exams in a brief period. More precisely: -Blood count and differential tests. -Blood chemistry tests. -Urinalysis and sediment test. -Electrocardiogram. -Pap smear and vaginal smear. -Hormonal test. -Leishmaniasis test. -Ehrlichiosis test. -Fiv-Felv test. -Heartworm test. -Parvovirus test. -Vaginal swab for microscopic examination. -Cultivation and bacterial research. -Cervical swab. -Semen analysis. -Urine culture.

Radiology: Genimal has also an area which is dedicated to radiological exams made with digital systems. After an accurate processing of the images through software and filters that allow the examination of different areas in only one test, the X-Rays are immediately given to the client and provided in digital format. The clinic is also allowed to make official FSA radiographic studies for hip and elbow dysplasia.

Ultrasonography: Genimal has an area dedicated to ultrasound tests. The procedure is painless and non-invasive and thanks to it the client will be provided with information about the structure, dimension shape and position of the dog’s abdominals organs and heart.

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