Genimal reference center for import / export of frozen semen in Europe!

Frozen semen utilization is useful for reaching every part of the world. In this way it is possible to improve blood lines thanks to the semen coming from around the world.

But wait a minute before searching online your favorite famous breeds and buy its semen, there are some aspects to consider. First of all: is there already the semen that you want in Italy?

It’s possible that other clinics have already imported the semen that interests you. So, it’s simpler to buy it in national borders. 

Has the dog which you are interested in produced qualified semen for export in your country? 

The semen for the exportation must be suitable in agreement with the destination country's law and the dog shall pass sanitary tests depending on the country of destination. For this, it could be useful to engage a broker for shorten and facilitate customs matters in which the semen as all the organic products are involved.

For all these reasons, the best way is to rely on a qualified company which can solve bureaucratic red tapes, which has skills, knowledge, and experience in different sectors of this business, and thanks to its linguistic and communicative skills can remove all the import-export barriers. So, you can choose Genimal, because the previous lines are a great description of our method of working. 

Can Genimal distribute frozen semen I imported on my behalf?

 The Genimal veterinary clinic is able to assist the customer both in the import phase and in the storage phase.

 It should be noted, however, that if the semen comes from an unaffiliated facility, the Genimal veterinary clinic will carry out a post-thawing quality control in order to ensure transparency on the expectations of the semen in question.

 Can Genimal import frozen semen from all countries of the world on my behalf?

 The Genimal veterinary clinic is able to import frozen semen DIRECTLY from all countries of the world thus avoiding any type of triangulation in order to preserve the characteristics of the seminal material which in this way will not only avoid unnecessary manipulations, but also any sudden changes in temperature that could compromise its quality (the Frozen semen will travel at a stable and constant temperature of -196 ° C for the entire duration of transport).

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